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We started as coffee machine producers in Heidelberg, developing our espresso machines in Germany.
Since 2021 we have been part of the VEA group.
The development from our German engineers is moved now to Italy.
The machines do not only meet the highest barista standards – they exceed them.



Respect and love among each other. Felt in the community. Fan of each other. Cheering each other on. We carry this over into every step of our
work in our dealings with each other and with each of our customers.


Quality production, higher than the standard

The quality of our products is our top priority. Every weld is drawn and polished smooth by hand. Every part is carefully tested and certified according to German standards. This is the only way we can guarantee you will get a lot of pleasure from our home and professional espresso machines and their accessories.

Everything from one source

We wanted to make our coffee machines better than perfect and keep control over our components. So we started our production. Every part is guaranteed to be made to German quality standards. We achieve this through strict quality control of all our components. We see an espresso machine not as a partner for a few years but for a lifetime.

Innovation is tradition

Our goal is to create an espresso machine and brewing experience that is second to none. On the one hand, we do this traditionally; on the other hand, we are always looking for the next innovation to be incorporated into our machines.

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