Bellezza Bellona Dual Boiler Espresso Machine

If you could taste art.

Linear, modern, and efficient. Thanks to our Bellezza Bellona and its dual boiler, we get very, very close to the perfection envisioned by us baristas.


A work of art.

A work of art.

Well-rounded perfection for artful taste.

Brewing an exquisite espresso is a real challenge. A craft that takes baristas years to bring to perfection. At Bellezza, this is exactly how we perfect each of our machines. 

You can immediately see the high quality of the angular Bellona. No gap in the housing is too wide, no joint too narrow. All edges are rounded and polished by hand and complete the picture together with its round water tank. Its certified high-end components that are prepared with great attention to detail as well as its final hand assembly add finishing touches to our Bellona.

High-End Technology for Perfect Espresso.

From its stainless-steel housing through the Bellezza brewing group to the stainless steel boilers: every piece of our Bellona’s technology is precisely matched to the other, providing every barista with full control.

We make sure that all our movements are perfected so you can have a perfect espresso brewing experience. Our Bellona combines German engineering with a modern, contemporary design.

Perfect Technology. Perfect Size. Perfect Espresso.

Linear curves brew it better.

The Bellona is a dual system beauty with an external round design water tank. PDI Control, Shot Timer and stainless-steel elements make for a perfect taste and visually pleasing experience. The constant temperature and seemingly endless steam performance unfold a plethora of flavors that take you on an espresso discovery journey.

The Bellezza brewing unit installed in our Bellona is an in-house creation and has a very high longevity. A great choice for every home barista. When it comes to top-notch home espresso machines, our Bellona has a variety of high-class traits in store:

  • Bellezza stainless steel brewing unit

  • High quality, compact design
  • Bellezza PID Control
  • Adjustable boiler heat
  • Shot Timer
  • Preinfusion timer
  • Pump pressure Manometer
  • Large steam lever
  • 500ml stainless steel boiler
  • 1L stainless steel steam boiler
  • 100% stainless steel exterior
  • Colors: stainless steel, black, white
Bellona Dampfhebel

Dampfkraft voraus.

Unendliche Dampfleistung für Latte-Art.

Um eine Stück Latte-Art zu zaubern, braucht es eine hervorragende Dampfleistung der Espressomaschine. Die Bellona ist demnach wohl die beste Freundin eines Latte-Künstlers – denn Ihre Dampfkraft ist schier unendlich.

Steam ahead

Full steam ahead!

Infinite steaming performance for latte art.

An espresso machine requires excellent steaming performance to create latte art. It is therefore not surprising that the Bellona is every latte artist’s best friend, because its steaming performance is almost infinite.

Two boilers.
One elaborate machine.

Independent water circuits are necessary to brew every bean and froth milk or oat drink with the right temperature. The ideal brewing temperature for an espresso lies between 88 and 96 degrees Celsius. Clear water however only evaporates at between 110 and 130 degrees Celsius.

The Bellona has mastered this art thanks to its dual boiler system that keeps the brewing temperature for the custom made E61 brewing unit at a constant level: independent from the steam temperature of the milk frother. Our Bellona lets you prepare fantastic espresso and the finest foam for the newest latte art creations. Always.

Our Bellona at a glance

Perfection for Espresso at home.

heat-up time

The Bellona is ready for use in just three minutes.

Bellezza stainless steel brewing unit

The Bellezza brewing unit. Our standard for perfect espresso enjoyment and first-class purchase.

pump pressure gauge

The perfect print, always visible.

Silent vibration pump

For relaxed, calmer barista moments.

PID Controller

With the PID Controller you get the best out of your espresso powder. The controller provides the desired temperature.

100% 304 stainless steel

Exclusive design and perfect workmanship go without saying with Bellezza. 100% stainless steel on the side parts sets the Bellona apart from the norm.

Shot Timer

Time is a crucial factor in espresso. Too long and it becomes bitter. Too short and he won’t gain momentum. With the timer you can stop the time exactly to the second when you want.

Eco mode

Even perfect espresso can protect the environment. In ECO mode, our espresso machines use less energy to heat up.

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